Family, friends, and us!

I’m going to add pics of family, friends, and selfies / pics we’ve taken of us… I’ve started here: and here: I’ll add more as I go, and will try to put some captions on some to indicate who is who…

Historic Bath, a lot of walking!

From Cheddar Gorge it was time to head to Bath. Again, somewhere I’ve never been before. Our first accommodation was an airbnb room in central Bath. On the way there we had a call from airbnb saying the host had cancelled the booking! This was followed by a call later to say that it was … [Read more…]

Dartmoor and Cheddar Gorge

After we left Cornwall, given the weather was ok, we took the scenic route across Dartmoor. Bleak in places, but breathtaking too. The weather held up so well for us, we have been very fortunate. After crossing Dartmoor we headed up to Cheddar Gorge. I’d never been there before – driving up the gorge the … [Read more…]

Rough Tor and Bodmin railway

Rough Tor (pronounced Row-tor), see also, is a small Hill in Cornwall with views across Northern Cornwall. I climbed it on a family trip many years ago, but it was great to do it again. There are various stone formations that date back to iron age times, and a memorial for the 43rd Wessex. We … [Read more…]

Tintagel Castle

Wow, what an amazing place Tintagel Castle is… a thousand years of history in a location that takes your breath away, and not just because of the cold wind! We again had brilliant sunshine, but the wind was COLD. Not too cold to stop a lunatic Frenchwoman from having a swim in the Cornish sea. … [Read more…]

Plymouth, friends, Cornwall, Land’s End

On Friday 15th April we caught the First Great Western 11:06 from Paddington to Plymouth (an old HST Class 43 train for those that care! But very much renovated since the 1980s when I last travelled on one!) The train heads down along the coast at one point, at Dawlich and Teignmouth. For those that … [Read more…]

London travels day 1

Well, we made it….  Arrived at London’s Heathrow airport about 30 minutes late, but were through Customs and baggage collection in 30 minutes. Aunty Margaret and my cousin Andrew were waiting in the terminal, and we set off on the drive to Croydon along a wet and fortunately not busy M25. Falling into bed at … [Read more…]