Tintagel Castle

Wow, what an amazing place Tintagel Castle is… a thousand years of history in a location that takes your breath away, and not just because of the cold wind!

We again had brilliant sunshine, but the wind was COLD. Not too cold to stop a lunatic Frenchwoman from having a swim in the Cornish sea. Nutter. 🙂

Crazy cold

There are a lot of steps at Tintagel, as the castle is built on both the mainland and a small headland, which many years ago were connected by a natural walkway. This collapsed, so now you have to walk up and down both sides.

I’ve added some photos of Tintagel to the Cornwall pics:

Waterfall at Tintagel

After we got back from Tintagel we headed to the pub again for dinner. The pub was very busy, so much so that a group of RNLI (lifeboat crew) guys who were waiting for their meals headed in to the bar and started singing Cornish and naval songs. Turned out they were actually a men’s choir, their motto: ‘Singers by day; lovers by night; alcoholics by choice’ 🙂

They sounded great – made the wait for dinner go quickly.

Cornwall was beautiful… The weather helped, but friendly people, amazing scenery and history made it a special place to visit.

I never knew before that there is a Cornish flag – a white cross on a black background. I now have a great set of cufflinks with the Cornish flag 🙂

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  1. Claire Bate

    looks like your having a ripper time 🙂 – lovely picture of the fair Ms Katie on the cliff

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