London travels day 1

Well, we made it….  Arrived at London’s Heathrow airport about 30 minutes late, but were through Customs and baggage collection in 30 minutes. Aunty Margaret and my cousin Andrew were waiting in the terminal, and we set off on the drive to Croydon along a wet and fortunately not busy M25.

Falling into bed at about midnight we slept really well – it’s a good time to arrive, the fatigue of travel assists with a good sleep to get a head start on jet lag. In the morning we headed off to the shops, including organising phone SIMs, buying Marmite, liquorice allsorts and real golden syrup (!).

Later we jumped on the tram from Gravel Hill to East Croydon and caught the express train to London Bridge station – very quick and easy, and first test of the Oyster cards. Across London Bridge to the Tower of London, a quick visit to Borough Markets, and home for dinner.

Click on the photo below and it should take you to our London photos. I’ll add more in the next few days.

The Tower of London is amazing – incredible to think there is over 900 years of history there. The weather was a bit yuck in the afternoon, but such is England!!


Tower Bridge

The evening was family dinner time with Margaret, Andrew, Lizzie, Elliot, and Mike (Lizzie’s dad), along with a bottle of Lindeman’s Shiraz Cab Sav. Very nice….

Tomorrow we are going to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster and Big Ben – so we are hoping for a good day, sun would be bonus, but less rain would be nice!

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