Hampton Court, Westminster Abbey & Les Mis

Yes, it’s been a few days since the last update! We have been SO busy running around seeing things that I have just not had a chance to get online and post.

On Wednesday last week we went to Hampton Court Palace, the home of King Henry VIII. We spent the morning there – amazing complex near Richmond on the River Thames, stunning gardens too. They have retained the palace in an excellent condition, and have audio guide tours throughout, helping you to imagine the way the palace was in the days of Henry, his wives, and Cardinal Wolsey, who was the political power at the time helping Henry.

There is also a world-famous maze in the gardens, with about 7 foot high hedges – we beat it in about 5 minutes! Fluked it I think…

After the maze we went to the King’s Arms pub, and I had a local beer – warm and flat 🙂 but tasty. On to a double decker bus, and back to the train in to London, where we returned to Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is amazing – you walk around through the tombs of kings, dignitaries, and people from history that are up to 1000 years old. As you walk through the Abbey, you walk on tombstones that have had the names worn off from people walking through. Blew Katie’s mind! It was late in the afternoon, so we were there while they were playing the organ for afternoon services. The sound was incredible.

I’ve posted a couple of pictures from the day in our London pics, but will update more later:

Hampton Court Palace

From there we caught the Underground to Piccadilly Circus, and met up with Aunty Margaret – we went to dinner in the West End, and then headed to Queen’s Theatre for an amazing peformance of Les Miserables. Fantastic evening to follow an amazing day!

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