Plymouth, friends, Cornwall, Land’s End

On Friday 15th April we caught the First Great Western 11:06 from Paddington to Plymouth (an old HST Class 43 train for those that care! But very much renovated since the 1980s when I last travelled on one!) The train heads down along the coast at one point, at Dawlich and Teignmouth. For those that … [Read more…]

London travels day 1

Well, we made it….  Arrived at London’s Heathrow airport about 30 minutes late, but were through Customs and baggage collection in 30 minutes. Aunty Margaret and my cousin Andrew were waiting in the terminal, and we set off on the drive to Croydon along a wet and fortunately not busy M25. Falling into bed at … [Read more…]

Hong Kong

We’ll this big bird got us safely to Hong Kong. Great flight, I slept for most of it, but Katie only managed a little rest. Can thoroughly recommend the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy experience, it was so much more comfortable with the extra space…

Road rules…

It’s been so long since I have been to the UK, I thought I had best brush up on the road rules! Katie’s never driven over there (obviously!) so it will be useful for her too. Mostly self-explanatory, but there are a couple of kooky ones. Less than 2 days to go… we checked in … [Read more…]